Vintage Coca-Cola Christmas Ornaments

We consider ourselves lucky to have been able to find over 200 Coca-Cola Christmas ornaments this summer!

We are starting right off the bat offering them at 10% off on our website – sale ends at the end of the year.

It is taking us some time, between our other responsibilities and this website to get them priced and loaded, but we are sure you will love them when you take a look at our Coca-Cola Collectibles selection.

These Coca-Cola ornaments are all vintage collectibles – from the 1990’s. The previous owner was obviously an avid Coke fan.  She took great care of all the ornaments!

Some of the ornaments come in their original boxes with protective plastic mold!

Looking through the selection we purchased, we can see that most all of them are in very good – mint condition.  A FEW have been repaired, but rest assured, if we see that when we are putting them on the site, we will take good photos of the repair and tell you in the description of the product.

We hope you enjoy these BEAUTIFULLY designed Coca Cola Vintage Christmas ornaments!


Introducing New Line – Trading Cards & Cigarette Tobacco Cards

Tom and I were fortunate to be able to participate in an estate auction where trainblogwe were the highest bidders on a boatload of tobacciana collectibles.  This is a “new” line of collectable products that we have never carried, with the exception of tobacco tins.

The lots we purchased include the following: (links to store included on ones we have entered already)

Kellogg Company of Great Britain LTD, 1962 – The Story of the Locomotive – 1st series complete set
John Player & Sons, 1914 – Victoria Cross Complete set
Ardath, 1936 – Rare 50 Card Tobacco Set 1936 Who Is This??
Raydex, 1936 – African Types complete set
Gallaher LTD, 1930 – Butterflies & Moths complete set
John Player & Sons, 1934 – Rare 1934 Album of 50 Film Stars Cards
Wills Cigarettes, 1934 – Rare 1934 Album of 50 Radio Celebrities Cards
John Player & Sons, 1935 – Rare 1935 Album of 50 Kings & Queens Cards
Wills Cigarettes, 1934 – Rare 1934 Album of 50 Radio Personality Cards 2nd series
John Player & Sons, 1937 – Card Album The Coronation of King George

Huge Lot of 257 Tobacco Cards from 1930’s
100 Tobacco Cards Circa 1920-1930s
193 Tobacco Cigarette Cards 1900-1920s
87 Fabulous & Rare 1900-1925 Tobacco Cards

Tobacco card manufacturers include:
Ardath Tobacco Co LTD
British American Tobacco
Carreras LTD
Cavanders LTD
Gallaher LTD
Godfrey Phillips
Imperial Tobacco Company
John Player & Sons
Kellogg Company of Great Britain LTD
Ogden’s Cigarettes
Sniders & Abrahams
Turf Cigarettes
W.A. & A.C. Churchman
Wills Cigarettes

We are in the process of trying to get you high resolution quality photographs of each of these items, and post them on our website in our Trading Cards & Cigarette Tobacco Cards section.  Our intention is to separate out the cards and albums by the tobacco company.  Please check this section frequently to see the products added.

We are going to be adding the most rare and hard to find cards first, then whoblogmove on by year until we get them all added.  As you can imagine by looking at the amount of cards we purchased, this will take a while to do.  We also will be selling partial sets of cards where we have more than one in a series.   We have about 60 cards that are “one off” cards that we do not have others that are in that series.

We have been doing research on pricing and feel our prices are going to be as good as or better than what you can find on e-bay.  We want to make sure that these cards are affordable for our customers!

We are hoping that these cards will appeal to all of our vintage collectable customers!  If we find that these items are popular, we will be looking to add more to our inventory.


Brief History of Cigarette Tobacco Trade Cards

Around 1875, tobacco companies in the US and UK began including colorful printed tobacco / cigarette cards in their cigarette packages.  From our research, we see that they did this for a few different reasons.

One reason was that they were already inserting “stiffeners”, a heavy weight leopard-cigarette-trade-cardcard paper, into their packs of cigarettes.  These “stiffeners” provided more substance to the cigarette package to make it less flimsy thus less likely to be crushed. James Buchanan Duke, of W. Duke & Sons in Durham, NC, (who eventually became the American Tobacco Company) made a sound financial decision to capitalize on these inserts and print advertisements on them. These cards were called “trade cards” which were the equivalent of today’s business cards.

Secondly, because they generally made “sets” of cards (most usually in sets of 25 or 50), they hoped that this would promote more cigarette sales because people would want to make sure they had a complete set.

Third, tobacco companies hoped that these cards would produce brand loyalty to their cigarettes. These tobacco cards were highly collectable, with even children standing outside of stores hoping someone would purchase a pack of cigarettes and give them their card to collect.

shirley temple cigarette cardCigarette / tobacco cards were generally very brightly colored and the sets consisted of popular themes like baseball players, flowers, butterflies, birds, movie stars, transportation and British Royalty to name a few.  On one side would be the beautiful print, and on the other side would be the advertisement and information about the print.  Eventually, as companies realized people were avidly collecting their cards, they began producing cards with an adhesive back so they could easily be placed in an album which was sold separately in stores.  These albums not only held the cards, but were informational as well.

The American Tobacco Company eventually absorbed US-based Allen and Ginter Tobacco Company and Goodwin & Co.

W.D. & H.O. Wills in Bristol England was a large manufacturer of tobacco products, who produced brands named Bristol, Passing Clouds, Three Castles, Wild Woodbine to name a few.   This company eventually became part of The Imperial Tobacco Company as did John Player & Sons which was founded in 1877.

We are excited that we came across a bunch of cigarette cards and albums at an auction. Please keep an eye on our online store if you are interested in these collectibles as we will be adding them as quickly as we can to the website



Logan & Strobridge #10 Self-Emptying Ice Shredder

Antique-logan-strobridge-ice-shredderThis collectible was a real joy to research! You can find this antique Ice Shredder for sale on our website at a very reasonable price.

Back in the “olden days” ice was not as readily available as it is today. In the early 1800’s, a man from Boston by the name of Frederic Tudor got the brilliant idea of making and selling blocks of ice so people could enjoy ice in their drinks on hot summer days. He had many struggles in his business but by the time he died in 1864, he had achieved his dream of wealth from his business venture of selling ice.

Back then, Ice came in huge blocks and it was up to you to figure out a way to use that ice Thus… the Ice shredder was invented.

Drawing of ice shredder in patent documents
Drawing of ice shredder in patent documents

This nifty device we have for sale on our website, was patented in December 21, 1897 by J.H. Logan, Patent #595,855.

According to the patent documents, “The shredder is placed upon a cake of ice and the handle raised or lowered, accordingly as finely or coarsely shredded ice is desired. The shredder is then drawn along over the ice, the blade shredding the same. The shredded product passes up through the slot into the interior of the vessel, whence it is removed by reversing the cover, which acts as a scraper to force out the contents of the vessel.”ice-shredder-patent3

We were able to dig deep and find the actual patent application, which wasn’t easy considering how long ago this patent was applied for.

In his patent application, filed April 20, 1897, J.H. Logan not only included a drawing of his invention, but also a detailed description on how it was to be used.

Now that you know a little of the history behind this antique ice shredder, we hope that you will want to add it to your personal collection – AND have a story to tell right along with it!

Happy collecting!

Tom and Judy Gunderson




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